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Traveling with film equipment can be nerve wracking.  The key to making it a painless process  (ok, less painless) is to plan ahead and be armed with all the current airline baggage rules.

Luckily most airlines have a special media rate, which can significantly reduce your cost on baggage. In order to qualify for media rates, the airline will require you to provide media credentials for your crew.  Below are some of the current domestic airlines media baggage policies.

A couple general tips:

  • If possible try to fly with an airline that you have status on. Often times airlines will make exceptions and be more accommodating.
  • Arrive to the airport more than 2 hours before your flight. This one is obvious but the more time the better.
  • NEVER pack lithium batteries in your checked baggage! This one is obvious too, but from experience the FAA WILL in fact track you down and end up charging you a hefty fine for this! This has happened to productions before it's not an urban myth.
  • Be as organized as possible and make sure everything is labeled correctly.


  • Travel Region: North America (including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America: Each bag up to 99.9 lbs, including oversized baggage = $50
  • Outside of North America: Each bag up to 99.9 lbs, including oversized baggage = $70


Each account can check up to 25 bags per flight at a discounted rate, subject to operational limitations. Fees for overweight and oversized bags are also waived, up to 100 lbs in weight and 190 cm long

  • $50 one-way per bag on domestic itineraries
  • $70/£50/€70 one-way per bag on international itineraries


Domestic same as regular baggage allowance if no more than 50 lbs. If overweight / oversize, flat media rate of $50 applies.

3rd-25th bags: $50 each if no more than 100 lbs and 115 total linear inches


Same as regular baggage allowance if under 50 lbs. If overweight / oversize flat media rate of $70 applies.

3rd-25th checked bags $70 each if under 100 lbs and 115 total linear inches

(Exception for travel to/from/through Europe, South Africa, or United Arab Emirates: maximum weight is 70 lbs.)


2 Free bags and $75 for additional bags, no oversized or overweight charges.


Standard rates for bags are $25, up to 10 bags

You can get around the standard 10 checked bag limit and bring up to 25 pieces of gear for $25 a piece.